Website for TropiClean Pet Products

Our task here was to take a tired, outdated website, burn it to the ground, and build something fresh that more closely resembled the visual identity we had helped shape for this company through branding and advertising work with their product lines. Check it out.

Shopping Experience is in the unique position of both being, and not being, and e-commerce site.

Only groomers and pet stores are able to purchase directly from the website, making it necessary to develop two versions of the shopping experience, allowing for certain features to become available once a retailer is logged in. For consumers, we developed a Find-a-Retailer database that allowed them to find any product at the location closest to them.

Consumer Engagement

A larger goal of the website was to create and cultivate a growing community of TropiClean fans.

In addition to articles, the blog, dubbed Fresh Moments, was built as a repository for all of our social media campaigns, and careful attention was paid to creating social interaction opportunities throughout the site via a live Twitter feed on the homepage and hashtag-specific Instagram feeds throughout.

Custom Photography

We staged several custom photo shoots in the St. Louis area with real pet families at home. Don’t say they aren’t adorable.

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