Ad Campaigns

Added Value

Advertising Campaign for Parker Products

The above and below showcase two steps in the evolution of an advertising campaign for Parker Products, a Texas-based inclusion company catering to bakery, beverage, confectionary, snack, and dairy clients. The goal was to create a campaign that showcases the uniqueness and value that Parker’s products can bring to an application. The goal of these concepts was to paint Parker’s food scientists as food artists.

Additionally, concepts were created on the idea of merging together creativity, savings, and applications (Luckily, this was prior to the airing of the Mountain Dew Kickstart Puppy, Monkey, Baby commercials). Custom illustrations were created.

Final Ads

The final, approved ads were much more straightforward, juxtaposing bland, uninteresting applications with more exciting variations to highlight the added value of Parker Products.

The addition of loose ingredients adds a human trace to the bottom images, indicating our client’s involvement in the creative process while leaving the focus on the finished application, and therefore, their client.

Highlighting benefits

Various ads for Bunge North America

The following ads were all created as one-off, issue-specific placements for Bunge North America, an agribusiness and food ingredient company.

Fresh Breath and Heart Breakers

Ad campaign for TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops

These ads were created to promote TropiClean Fresh Breath Drops (surprise, a pet breath freshening product!) in various pet-specific publications, and utilized photography by celebrity pet photographer Grace Chon. The ads evoke a face-to-face closeness between pet and pet parent while keeping the focus solely on the dog, and utilize type with a hand-drawn feel to match the friendly messaging.

Below are highlights from the concept phase of this ad campaign.

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